Interactive food stations are SUCH a fun treat to enhance any type of event. This revolutionary style of station can bring joy to guests through experiences and loop co-workers and friends together to enjoy a mutual activity. Interactive stations are also customizable to match the theme of any event! Whether you’re creating a Burning Man themed event and want to include flame throwers, or include an icy tribute that includes liquid nitrogen, there are dozens of ways to include that “Wow!” factor in your event and leave guests raving long after the event concludes.

What is an interactive food station? “Interactive food stations are engaging culinary setups that bring a new level of excitement to event catering” (Lehr, 2024). These setups bring a sense of excitement and something new to guests’ experience during events. Interactive food stations have several definitions: a DIY setup, a one-on-one moment with the chef or server, energizing music to time the creation of the food to, fun props for guests to video, a surplus of varying ingredients to accommodate dietary needs, and much more! These stations are a personalized staple piece to any event and can leave a lasting impression on your guests.

If you or your client is interested in something non-traditional, here at Creative Hands Cuisine (CHC), we suggest dropping the buffet and replacing it with interactive stations. These interactive food stations can be accommodated for any size event!

Custom Omelets for Private Chefs
Have CHC create custom omelets for your guests if you’re in need of breakfast cuisine! Freshly made omelets that are created for each guest is a special touch for them to remember. It allows guests to feel that their culinary desires are taken care of.

Cool off with Stationed Hors D’oeuvres
Delicious, chilled elote or ceviche bars are great ways to bring a pizzaz during cocktail hour. These stations are perfect for weddings and corporate events alike. Both of these cuisine station options can be decorated with different toppings to add flavor, color, and dietary desires!

Torch Station
The CHC torch station is our most famous interactive station that features two to three types of proteins and/or vegan options that are TORCHED with our flame thrower (yes, an actual flame thrower!). This is a great choice to please any and all crowds! Our most popular entrees include our garlic and herb encrusted filet mignon, chimichurri chicken, cedar plank salmon, and flavorful cauliflower steaks!
(Though, we do have let you know we are limited on WHERE we can provide this station when it comes to venues)

Late Night Pretzel Bar
CHC’s hanging pretzel wall is also a desire of many of our clients. Accompanied with house-made mustard, specialty hummus, and locally crafted beer cheese, it is a delicious late night snack to tie guests over till morning.

Farmers Market Salad Station
Add some eye-catching color to your venue with our picnic inspired farmers market salad station! All farmer’s marker style toppings are on the side so guests can truly create their one-of-a-kind salad!

Flambe Dessert
Don’t forget about the sweetest treat of all! Live flambe stations are a wild way to add some FUN into your event. From flambéing sauces, like our popular chocolate Kahlua sauce, to top churros or doughnuts to making fresh crepes with flambeed suzette sauce, guests will flock to the station to see what the hype is all about.

Are you interested in an interactive station that you experienced somewhere else and want to bring to your event? Let us know! Here at Creative Hands Cuisine, we pride ourselves in accommodating each and everyc client and guest to the best of our ability. If a custom station is something you desire, and it is something that we can do, we would love to help create your perfect event!

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