This is What’s Trending in 2016!

Our Favorite Trend- CUISINE!
According to the National Restaurant Association, who conducts an annual survey of nearly 1,600 professional chefs a year, has found that the leading newest trends in the culinary industry are leaning towards more locally grown and operated food industry, sustainable food practices, and a new interest in ethnic foods and spices!

Consumers today are more interest in how their food is made, and knowing exactly where it comes from more than ever! That’s why chefs are now moving towards locally grown food and using more natural ingredients and less processed foods. Chefs today are also more environmentally concerned than ever before, and are choosing to use products that promote sustainable food practices. Lastly, as we enter the age of globalization, so does our culinary world. Chefs are now trying to incorporate ethnic spices into their cuisine and authentic ethnic dishes into their menus. Our operations manager, here at Creative Hands Cuisine, recommends Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company for their locally crafted Arizona beers and their locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Now, What is Everyone Drinking?
Cocktails treads are heading in the same direction as our food trends predictions. Bartenders and patrons are interest in finding locally crafted and produced beer, wine and spirits. Customers are also looking for destination based cocktails with fresh ingredients. Don’t forget to try some fresh herbs in your favorite cocktail!

Get ready to pull out all your white clothes in your closet… because white is in this season! Everywhere from Tommy Hilfiger, to Polo Ralph Lauren, to Nordstrom’s are all focusing on white this summer. Just take a look at Tom Hilfiger’s new pair of women’s shoes!


It’s a beautiful new shoe with a flower cut out print on the front of the shoe, with a gold trim around the outside. This is a simple and clean look that goes well with pretty much any summer outfit. This can also tie into any white themed summer party you may attend! If you want to spice up your look this summer, try accessorizing your outfit with a pop of lightly colored clothing; like a pastel top, or a darkly colored belt to contrast the rest of your outfit.