With graduation season upon us how can you make yours stand out above the rest? We have a few unique ideas that are sure to make your party one to remember.

Photo book

One of the hottest trends is using a Polaroid to create a fun guest book. Guests can snap a picture with the Polaroid and glue it to your photo book. Since they develop so quickly your guests can write a note or write fun tips for life after college. For a more unique photo book, use a book with black pages and provide metallic sharpies for more of a pop.


Mini Bean Dips

When you’re throwing any sort of party you don’t want guests crowding around the hors d’oeuvres table when they should be mingling. Mini bean dip cups are the perfect way to solve this issue and they’re so easy to make. Just find small clear plastic cups and fill with your favorite layered bean dip and top with a couple chips for a great mobile snack.


Balloon Walkway

When you think of a graduation you think of balloons right? Instead of hanging balloons from your mailbox try lining the walkway to your house instead with balloons colored the same as your school, or your child’s school. Just take a bundle of balloons, maybe 5 or 6, tie them to a golf tee and stake them along your walkway about as high as your hip. This will really add a wow factor when your guests arrive.


Photo Backdrop

Now what’s a party without pictures? Every baby shower, wedding or birthday party now has some sort of backdrop or setting to take pictures in front of. If you’re on a budget or have a busy schedule just go to your nearest party store and buy a tinsel back drop, as easy as that. If you want to spruce it up a little bit add balloon numbers for the graduation year or a congratulations banner. You can even make up your own hashtag that guests can use to tag in their pictures on Instagram.


Please share any graduation party ideas you have or have used, and feel free to post a picture with it!