Ever wonder why your florist suggests flowers that are “in season?” We (the events industry) ALL want you brides out there to have the MOST beautiful wedding EVER! Therefore, Creative Hands Cuisine has put together some details that may help our seasonal-themed-brides! Take a look and get inspired!

October blog

 Of course, we included seasonal foods in this blog! That is what we are ALL about! So if you every wonder why our food is just the MOST spectacular thing you’ve ever had it’s because we only cater the finest foods that are fresh, in season, and delectable!

 Seasonal Foods

 Below are our picks of what’s trending in the fall section of the events and bridal industry. Already set on your colors? No problem! Accent colors can contribute and enhance you’re already overall amazing theme—also, for those having a winter wedding… don’t worry these schemes definitely roll into the winter season. Think of it as a two for one advice segment!

 October Color Scheme for Blog

 Old Wives Tale Wedding Omen:

Meeting a Black Cat will bring you luck on your wedding day! So make sure to cherish the sighting of a black cat—they’ll promise a bright and loving marriage!